Macy’s New York City

Executive chef services chefs demo in New York

Chef Alex Forsythe, All American like Apple pie.  

Chef Alex Forsythe will be bringing his extensive chef experience in the Air ,on land and from the sea and using his environmentally friendly approach to organic cuisine to on August the 6th in Macy’s Cellar Kitchen Herald Square New York. As all good chefs do before they cook Alex will be raiding the organic farmers markets finding the best of the organic produce before starting his demo. Strawberries will be injected with Muscovia sugar as a sweet induction of things to come. Squash fennel and gourds will transform themselves into a seasonal roasted harvest. Taking a rustic approach to down home flavors and exciting meats Buffalo will be prepared and presented Beef Wellington style oozing with fresh herbs and taking you back to the days when buffalo used to roam the plains, when all foods where still organic and natural. As Alex says “ Those days have not gone at least when it comes to what you serve on your table , you just have to know where to shop”.


Executive Chef Alex Forsythe boasts many years of unique experience delving into the highest echelon of personal chef services while offering his personal times in new philanthropic ways through food. His favorite event consistently is the annual Farm Aid event. While attending Greystone in 1997 he envisioned a consortium of culinary enthusiasts that has finally spawned into a position of facilitator of Executive Chef Services, a chef based referral service.While setting a new high standard in travel catering, including in the air, on the rails and on the high seas, Alex provides outstanding cuisine from the world’s markets. He enthralls his guests with his homely flair and international distinction of the world’s market basket while always paying homage to newly innovative and organic cuisine from local markets.

Executive Chef Services was conceptualized by a consortium of experts who work as culinary professionals in all types of environments. Every Chef on the ECS team is committed to high quality service and to the communities where they work and live.

The ECS Chefs donate their time and talents to a myriad of charities. ECS works at the same high intensity level to create flawless results whether it is for a non-profit or a Fortune 500 executive client. Quality services with impeccable creative genius are why the ECS team is among the best in the world.